How To Play Pile Pandemonium™

Pile Pandemonium™ is the fast paced game for those of all ages and groups of all sizes! Part of what makes Pile Pandemonium so great is the simplicity of the game! Pile Pandemonium™ is played in 3 easy steps! "Mix! Match! Pile on the Fun!™" 

1. Mix!

In the "Mix!" Phase of the game players randomly trade cards with other players! The cards must remain face down the entire "Mix Phase". If requested to trade cards with another player, players MUST trade their card. This "mixing" takes place until the caller yells: "Pile Pandemonium™!" Once the caller has yelled "Pile Pandemonium™!" the game advances to the "Match!" Phase.

2. Match!

After the cards have been properly mixed and the caller yells: "Pile Pandemonium™!" Players will turn over their cards. On each card is a Designation Letter (B, M, or T), in addition to the letter are an "Item Word" and a "Category Set".

Designation Letter

Item Word

Category Set

Each players card belongs to a "Category Set" that contains two other corresponding cards that are currently in possession of two other players. Players call out the "Item Word" in search for the other two players. AT NO TIME DURING THE GAME MAY ANY PLAYER CALL OUT THE "CATEGORY SET" NAME TO MATCH WITH OTHER PLAYERS. Once players find all members of their "Category Set" those players who find the members of their set may advance to the "Pile on the Fun!" Phase.

Category Set Example

3. Pile on the Fun!

Each category set that has successfully found all three of their members now begin the "Pile on the Fun!/Pile Up!" Phase. In this phase players look at their Designation Letter and "Pile Up!" in that order. The player with the "B" card sits down on the bottom of the pile. Then the "M Player"  sits directly onto "B Player's" lap becoming the middle player in the pile. "T Player" sits directly on "M Player's" lap completing the pile. once piled up the set yells "Pile Pandemonium™! The last category set to properly "Pile Up!" is out of the game.

Repeat the 3 Steps until 1 Category Set remains and wins it all!

On to the Fun! 

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